(OOC) Game 10/1 Tentatively Canceled

Hi all,

It’s looking more and more like I will be going to settlement on the new pad on September 30th, which is the Friday before. As I have to work Columbus Day weekend, and I want to be in my new place before the start of the regular season, I’m going to be moving October 1 and 2 if the current pattern holds. So, unless something unexpectedly goes to hell (again) I will not be running that weekend.

That said, if anyone would like to come help me move, I would deeply appreciate the help! I will even bribe with food! There’s also lots of little tasks that will need doing, like changing light fixtures, perhaps some minor painting, etc. I’ll be wanting help with those too.

Let me know!

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(OOC) MUX Dice Fix

Hi all,

I decided that the syntax I wrote for the dice code was completely annoying and rewrote it. It now works like this:

+dice XdY[+/-<M>] – Shows your roll to the room.

+dice/list <list>=XdY[+/-<M>] – Shows your roll to you and the list of people you specify. You do not need to include yourself in this list.

+pdice XdY[+/-<M>] – Shows your roll only to you.


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The Wizard’s Storeroom

The wizard’s notebook – he never does give his name in it – is meticulously organized and fussy to a fault. It lists his dealings with the Consortium, monetary transactions, the contents of his storeroom, and tasks that he has been asked to take on, along with a few of his personal thoughts.All of it is written in a long and cramped hand, in the elven tongue and using the elven letters.


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The Glynrhos Calendar

The Glynrhos calendar is lunar-based. It tracks the cycles of the two moons: the Greater Moon and the Lesser Moon. Each full cycle (90 days) accounts for one season, or Moon, in the Glynrhos calendar. The Moons are: Bear’s Moon (spring), Otter’s Moon (summer), Stag’s Moon (autumn), and Crow’s Moon (winter). The first day of each Moon is the day in which both the Greater Moon and the Lesser Moon are full. This happens four times a year.
The first day of the year (Founder’s Reckoning) is the first day of Bear’s Moon. From the first Bear’s Moon at the Founding to now have been 1,262 years. The Church of Fionnghuala reckons years from the Founding of Glynrhos (but also uses regnal years when dealing secularly.)
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(OOC) Keeping On Keeping On

As most of you know, I have not been keeping up on posting these as I should. I have several back posts to get up, and a goodly amount of background information. It’s a lot of information to absorb, and to write down. Watch this space.

Oh, and the treasure list from last session will appear on this blog in the next couple of days. Note that this list will be what is in the old wizard’s journal. It’ll be up to you to identify which piece is what and make the lists match – oh, and identify any discrepancies :)

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The City of Glynrhos

The city of Glynrhos is situated on a mountain overlooking the Glynrhos valley to the west, and the river and mountain range to the east. A navigable river during warm months (less so when there is ice on it), the Glynrhos river runs from a large mountain lake a few days’ ride north of the city down to the port city of Tallet on the southern coast. The mountains in the region are rich with marble – green, white, and black.


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(OOC) An update! An update!

As I’m sure you have already noticed, I’m way behind on updating this thing, both with world tidbits and campaign log stuff. I’m goin to try to do better in the coming weeks, and the last two updates are coming as soon as I can find them in my email! I’ve got so much to tell you and so much to write about … and I’ve been overcome by events. That will right itself soon; it does help that my cable is on the fritz, leaving me with little option but to do something useful.

One other announcement, very important. C wil be unable to join us this coming Saturday. While I believe we’re still on for right now, we will be going to a different place than usual. As you all know, I am preparing to move, and my dining room is now a massive pile of boxes, which precludes using it for anything else. I’ve had two offers to host, and I appreciate them both and will post which one to use no later than Wednesday. We will be using the new location at least until the middle of August and more likely early September. I will send email with the new address once closing is complete and I’m ready to have guests again.

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It’s What Finds You That Gets You (Part II)

The Battle of Sweetwater

When last we left our intrepid heroes, the ground beneath their feet was beginning to roil… they prepared for battle, and the battle was joined. Most of the enemies were zombies, some skeletons, and one was a horror later identified as a wight. Thankfully for the party’s sake, Alison was able to defeat the wight from a distance, and it never closed to touch a party member… else the battle might have gone very differently.

After the battle, Bjornulf healed the party’s wounds, and Spike used a potion on what was left of the wight. The potion was not identified at the time. The party spent the night in the headman’s abandoned home, inventorying the treasure cache they’d found – and their sleep was disrupted by three more undead, which they handily defeated. In the morning, the group took coin – not all, but a good-sized bag each – and everything save the breastplate that had clearly belonged to one of King Osric’s people, as it was not useful to them and could get them in a whole mess of trouble! – and rode for Killanach.

The following section was played out over several days on the MUSH, and is still in progress…

Killanach is a village located a few hours’ ride from Sweetwater. It is the primary location where the herbs used in healing potions by the Churches of Rhyanidd Star-Mother and Delbaeth Flame-Tender are grown, and therefore, the primary location where many of the healing potions are made. There, the party took room and board at the local inn, and went to see if they could get any information from the priests of the Star-Mother who lived there.

The visit to the Temple of Rhyanidd began quite badly, with a young Perigee basically exploding about Spike’s presence and how a Meridian had told him she should be banished, and not allowed inside the church. The Ascendant (the priest in charge) sent the Perigee off and spoke with the party, but was unable – or unwilling, once all four party members apart from Spike accosted him for information! – to provide anything of use. The party left, disappointed, and returned to the inn.

The party spent that night at the Thin Lily, having made the decision for the most part to retire early and ride for Cormagh’s Hill at first light – for the Rays that had reportedly gone to quell the previous disturbance still had not returned as far as they know….

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It’s What Finds You That Gets You (Part I)

Bjornulf, Alison, and Runel were joined at the Guildhall by Janelle, who had been shanghai’d into helping her brother and sister-in-law with the arrival of their new twins. Together with Spike, the party rode out the north road. Several days’ ride out, they approached the foothills, and came upon a caravan beset by two harpies… not Fiends, but nastier creatures of Aileann’s dreaming… Janelle was fascinated by the song of one harpy, and was thrown from her horse when the rest of the party raced in to help the caravan; she would have good cause to thank her horse for racing off with the rest of the horses, after the fight was over. (more…)

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Next Session….

Hi, it’s your friendly neighborhood GM here. As most of you no doubt have surmised, our next session will commence with combat. I expect this combat to be involved and to take some time, and I have to end promptly at 10 PM or a little before. Therefore, I’d appreciate it if folks could show up to my place around 3:30 PM or so in the interest of having chow, settling down, and being ready to rumble at 4 PM on the button. C, I have your sheet and will look it over this week so that we can settle any issues before go-time.


— Your Friendly Neighborhood GM

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